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Some photos of some events I attended this year: Moscow, Switzerland, Belgrade, Peru, Pakistan, Fabriano, Reims, Rochemaure,

Captura de Tela 2020-11-10 às 21.08.17
Exhibition Large Format – Denger Gallery – Basel, Switzerland and Belgrade, Serbia 2018
ArtLife Festival 2019
ArtLife 2019, Moscow, Russia. Photo: Konstantin Sterkov (Russia), Eudes, Roberto Zangarelli (Italia) e Endré Penov (Serbia)
ArtLife 2018 Moscow, Russia Photo: Eudes, Larissa Sterkov (Russia)
ArtLife 2018 Moscow, Russia (Milind Mulick (India), Galina Gozina (Russia), Eudes, Julia Barminova (Russia), Konstantin Sterkov, (Russia).

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