Private Lessons

Private lessons and

Now you have the opportunity to learn how to paint people alongside Eudes Correia in a totally exclusive way and adapted to your personal level in watercolor.

Choose between online or in person classes at his studio in Connecticut, US.

Do you want to
master paiting people ?

Now you have the opportunity to take private lessons with Eudes Correia to learn how to paint people while improving your watercolor skills.

How it works:

For beginners

If you are a beginner, you’ll learn the principles of watercolor and get to know all the main materials such as types of paper, types of brushes, and types of paints. 

Also, Eudes will show and teach you how and why to use all the auxiliary materials to achieve an amazing watercolor painting, helping you to develop and improve your watercolor technique.

These are some topics that Eudes will teach you during the sessions:

  1. Introduction to Watercolor
  2. Types of techniques
  3. Drawing
  4. Black and white study
  5. Study of colors
The study plans can be adapted to the student’s difficulties or needs.
For example: If your technique is good but your drawings are not as much, we can focus on the anatomy of the human body to perfect your whole painting.

For Advanced

If you already paint watercolor and would like to improve your technique in painting people, this is a description of a hands-on class:

  • First I’ll give you a photo, as a reference for you to paint.
  • I will follow your entire painting process from preparing the paper, from your pencil drawing process to the final painting and I will list and point out all the adjustments you need.
  • Then I’ll paint the same reference that you painted for you to watch and I’ll teach you all the steps of the parts that were pointed out.
  • After that, you will repaint the same reference and I will watch it again.
  • Finally, I will point out and report the point that you have improved and what you still need to improve.
  • In the next class, we will repeat this with other references, with different positions and situations, and characters, to identify new difficulties and failures to guide you on how to adjust them.

This will be an individual lessons. Not in group. Just the teacher and you.

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